"See, I can live with an out-of-focus picture. I can live with a grainy picture. I can live with a badly framed picture. But I can't live with grainy audio, out-of-focus audio, or badly framed audio."
Don Hewitt
Founding Producer,
60 Minutes

"Why do I need a Soundman?"

Can you produce a video without using a soundman? In some cases, maybe you can.

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Conferences and Events

Girard Sound Associates is unique among location sound recordists in the DC metro area. We are the only provider who also offers a complete solution for conferences and events. As such, we compete with local hotels and conference centers, and their AV vendors. While these providers can usually do an adequate job of sound reinforcement, they rarely produce the most basic element of good recorded sound, namely clean tracks. Girard Sound Associates does both reinforcement and recording, and does it very well.

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Girard Sound Associates provides event audio for DC's top production companies.